Thursday, April 5, 2018

The 70 Dankest Catholic Memes

1. When you try to encourage class participation...

2. Dating biblically...

3. Who you gonna call...


4. The science of the resurrection...

5. Surprise!

6. He's got game...

7. Two weeks in the life of the Church...

8. There are definitely "easter eggs" in religious icons


9. Hipster Catholics

10. #Monklife

11. The fear is real...

12. 70s Yearbook photo?

13. Oh Brian...

14. Dude is scary!

15. The gravest mortal sin of all


16. Hey Ryan Gosling...

17. Even Judas got a meme

18. The day the Jersey Shore got preachy!

19. Nothing like the pained Kevin Hart expression...

20. #catholicschoollife

21. Th kid's not buying it...

22. Schrutisms

23. The "Taken" guy's gonna save you...

24. Your secret is safe with me...

25. Just... no

26. Fair question

27. #Know your history

28. This probably happens...

29. How Rick Astley spends his Lent... without you

30. Is it Lent or a New Year's Resolution?

31. This one goes to eleven!

32. When a meme gets predictable...

33. Koala coolness

34. A "second" Baptism with Peele

35. The struggle is real

36. #infallible

37. How to save souls without leaving your house...

38. Feels like a threat...

39. Andy is annoyed by your lack of awareness...

40. Your first mistake: Debating Willy Wonka

41. #Atheistlife

42. All truths are valid... kind of

43. Francis about to drop a fat beat...

44. Dude was a bouncer!

45. Lenting with Ryan Gosling...

46. Eh, what' that you say?

47. "I've got a fever... and the only prescription is more..."

48. "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual..."

49. Who here doesn't just love religious chain letters?

50.  And so it begins...

51. Meanwhile at Father Obi-Wan's Parish

52. St. Anthony, Finder of Stuff?

53. Was this guy in the Princess Bride?

54. A man of few no words...

55. My funny Valentine!

56. Bad timing?

57. "The priest would blush if he heard my confession..."

58. The Gospel according to Memes!

59. Deck the Halls Heretics?

61. #moreirishthanyou

62. Nailed it!

63. Faith vs. Reason?

64. The spicy traditionalist meme

65. The challenges of dating...

66. Moses was the first IT guy

67. Technology before technology

68. No wonder why the Israelites were mad...

69. The first instance of GPS death

70. Bad Apologetics


  1. Welcome back dude. I've missed your blog. I liked the St. Nicholas meme the most. I hope I remember it in December.

  2. Thanks for a good laugh, Sean! I enjoy your creativity and dry humor.

  3. funny,funny,funny. guess which one I liked the best?.....#26....then #18 is pretty good. You are so funny.

  4. Mr. Chapman, this post is very creative! Thank you for sharing your ideas and creativity on your blog website. Please post more.