Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Case of Hypocrisy So Terrible It Cries Out To Heaven...

After observing the media's stunning indifference to the Hermit Gosnell "house of horrors" abortion trial, I felt both haunted and hunted by the whole thing. I suppose one could argue that the "fetal blood bath" (these are the words of those who worked there, not mine) that took place in that Philadelphia clinic is the exception rather than the rule, though it is an exception that would likely have gone unnoticed were it not for the women who were maimed and/or died as a result of their abortions. Then again, even with that being the case, precious little has been said in the national media about it. Why? Because there's a dirty little secret surrounding the abortion debate, a deceit that screams to high heaven. The ugly truth is that "choice", at least for the hard-core advocates, was never really about protecting women's rights at all, but rather about protecting abortion at all costs. If some women have to suffer death in the process, so be it. What's a few sacrifices in the name of keeping it legal?

Yet this remarkable treachery extends well beyond those who actively promote abortion. Indeed, if you want to know the reason vile places like this still exist, look not first to the abortion doctors like Gosnell, but to the silent majority who lack the moral conviction to truly oppose abortion. Yes, it is fair to say that abortion is still legal not because there are too many people that are adamantly "pro-choice", but because too many people are only partially pro-life. For even as we continue to be horrified about the abuse of our little ones, we strangely turn a blind eye to the ill-treatment of... well... our little ones.

Two examples which epitomize this hypocrisy come from the states of Illinois and Florida. The first story, describes an Illinois woman who just received a fifty year prison sentence for giving birth to, and leaving, her newborn child to die on the side of the road in a bag filled with soiled laundry.

The second story involves a Florida court hearing wherein a Planned Parenthood lawyer attempts to explain why the organization she represents is against legislation that compels a doctor to save the life of child born as a result of a botched abortion. Behold the similarities of both cases: child born and thrown away with some dirty laundry on the side of the road... outrage; child born and thrown away in a dumpster filled with human waste and used medical supplies... ambivalence and uncertainty.

I have always hated when people are too quick to pull out the "Hitler card", because it tends to immunize people from a healthy horror of the name and the associated reality. But when you look at the willful ignorance that seems to pervade public discourse on these matters, one cannot help but to think of all the people who turned a blind eye during the holocaust in spite of hearing all of whispers and rumors about Germany's own "house of horrors" at Dachau and Auschwitz. It is not the abortion doctors that are primarily responsible for making all of this possible, but the deafening silence of those who either prefer not to know the truth, or those who do know, but lack the moral courage to speak it. Indeed, these are the ones who allow this most abominable industry to continue to fly under the radar.



  1. +All that you say is true. I have just finished reading the latest news about the Gosnell murder trial. He is getting off, baby by baby, even one they found in the freezer. This whole thing is a satanic joke. I am not laughing, my heart is breaking for the small victims who have no one to defend them. God help us, Lord have mercy.